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Arashi-art to wear Guestbook

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Just wanted to let you know the scarves arrived and Iím so glad I waited to hear from you rather than settling for something less. They really are beautiful. The blue and green one matches the colors on my business card for my new business so I think I will try to use it when doing presentations.
ME, British Columbia, 2010-02-04

Love the colors and the texture! Do you teach classes?
JS, USA 2010-06-15

Really your work is very very beautiful, I love it so much.
NA, California 2009-11-24

I love my velvet scarf. I get LOTS of compliments.
KM, Ontario 2008-12-05

Saw your work at the Mary Black exhibition and couldn't resist visiting your website. Your work is amazing!
AP, Halifax, Nova Scotia 2007-02-12

I purchased one of your beautiful pleated velvet scarves at the Museum of Civilization. The texture is wonderful and I get lots of compliments. Just wanted to let you know.
LM, Ottawa, Ontario 2007-01-07

A friend told me about your web site. It looks great, I'm so impressed!
MB, New Brunswick 2006-08-30

Your work is beautiful, really beautiful!! I had googled arashi and shibori and got many hits but yours was far and away the most gorgeous of all. The scarves are crisp yet fluid and the colors are just luscious.
AC, Virginia 2006-04-25

Wow! I love the new shibori pleated crepe scarf on your site. Your work is lovely!
LF, Albany, NY 2006-03-28

Amazing shibori pleats. How do you do it?
JG, New Zealand, 2006-03-17

Beautiful website! I love your work.
JT, Los Angeles, CA 2006-02-08

Thank you for creating the lovely pleated scarf in my special colours. It is beautiful!
SM, Halifax, NS 2005-12-05

I am a fiber artist of a different media---yarn. I love your work.
YD, Kansas 2005-08-03

I love the scarf - you did a wonderful job with the colours!
SS, Toronto, ON 2005-05-05